Welding of saw bands

High-strength, high-accuracy and coaxial welding of saw bands, incl. regrinding and automatic annealing, minimising the risk of tearing the band around the welded joint. We weld DUO bands as well (connection of bands from two different materials). Following the band specialization according to the gears, we weld bands of 2/3 types (2 gears per inch at 3 grooves) and bands of ¾ type. We may adjust the welding according to the demands of the customer.

Size of saw bands
Width13 ÷ 54 mm
Min. width0,5 mm
Max. width1,6 mm
The most frequent widths of saw bands 13, 20, 25, 27, 34, 41, 54 mm
Materials of saw bands
  • Bi-Metall
  • Carbon steels
  • Special alloyed steeli
  • Other parameters of processed materials, following agreement
  • Czech
  • English