Smith Forgings

Production of hammer-forged forgings up to the weight of 3 t, incl. heat treatment, roughing and machining, to final product at CNC machines..

Heat treatment
The quality of heat treatment is proven based on material standards. Depending on the customer requirements, we are able to perform all NDT tests of forgings and perform mechanical and metal graphic tests of forged samples in our own testing facility.

Ready access to high-quality, special steel from controlling company foundries helps us to react on the requirements and needs of our customers promptly and flexibly.


  • Forged bars of round, square cross-section and offset cross-sections
  • Forged shafts
  • Forgings of rings and gear pinions
  • Semi-finished products for swages and tools
  • Forgings of wheelsets – full production of wheelsets, incl. final machining
    - - forged or roughed wheelsets
    -- wheelsets, incl. machining to final product

Material of forgings::
  • The whole range of steel grades including stainless steel and tool steel.
  • Steels acc. to special customer requirements - eg. ferritic steels, magnetically soft steels etc.

Examples of forged quality::
Non-alloyed steel: (EN 10250-2) - S355J2, C35, C45, C55, C60: (EN 10250-2) - S355J2, C35, C45, C55, C60
Alloyed, fine steel: (EN 10250-3) - 25CrMo4, 42CrMo4, 34CrNiMo6, 30CrNiMo 8, 51CrV4, 30CrMoV9
Corrosion- proof steeli: (EN 10250-4) - X20Cr13, X3CrNiMo13 4, X5CrNi18 10, X5CrNiMo 17-12-2
Forgings for pressure vessels: (EN 10222-2) - 16Mo3, 13CrMo 4-5, 14MoV 6-3, 11CrMo9-10
Steel for cementing: (EN 10084) - C16E, 16MnCr5, 18CrNiMo7-6
Steel for pressure vessels: (EN 10222-5) - P355QH1 (EN 10222-4), X6CrNiTi 18-10
Instrumental steel: (EN ISO 4957) - X210Cr12, 55NiCrMoV7, X37CrMoV5-1, 90MnCrV8
Other qualities may be forged following a consultation with a technologist.
Round steel in bars
D max. = 320 mm – – acc. to the degree of reforging
D max. = 400 mm –following a consultation with the customer
D min. = 80 mm
L max. = 6 000 mm (length acc. to the weight and diameter)
max. 250 x 60 mm / min. 30 x 20 mm - following a consultation with the customer
L max. = 6000 mm ((length according to the weight and cross-section)
Weight = 3 000 kg – – incl. attachments
max. 250 x 250 mm / min. 20 x 20 mm / L = 1 000 mm
L max. = 6 000 mm ((length acc. to the weight and cross-section)
D max. = 960 mm / H = 280 mm / S min. = 60 mm
Weight = max. 600 kg – acc. to the size of banding

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