Technological units for metalurgy and engineering

Technological units, including the assembly of hydraulics, lubrication, pneumatic and electrical equipment, all based on supplied or own drawing documentation. These are, in particular, modernisations and new investments, mainly in the area of the metallurgy industry

  • Steel plant
    Steel metallurgy ladles, inter-ladles, scrap and transportation ladles, travel mixing vessels, manipulators for demolition of linings
  • Equipment for continuous steel casting
    Casting flows, guiding roll segments, oscillation boards, starting bars
  • Equipment for rolling mills
    Conveyor routes, shears for billets, run-in and run-out boards, manipulators, straightening, air blasting, bundle, and peeling, centre lines: defectoscopic lines, grinders for slabs, blocks, billets and round continuous castings, spraying of dross, calibration and travelling rolls for tube rolling mills.
  • Equipment for coking plant
    Coke – oven battery equipment for coal grinding, run-out carriages, belt and feeding conveyors, compacting machines, run-out carriages, discharge machine, ascending pipes, tarmac separator, cabinets with joins, sintering machines – gluer
  • Equipment agglomeration
    Steel structures for dust removal, sintering pallet, dump cranes, crushers, charger – equipment for the production of blast furnace batch


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