Industrial and civil buildings

In the area of construction, we provide high-quality services and professional construction works with sophisticated control systems and an emphasis on the provision of high-quality warranty services.

We secure complex services, from the project to the handover of the final work. We guarantee a high degree of professionality and we’re able to meet all your demands for quality and speed of order execution.

  • Supply of constructions for industrial, water system, ecological, agricultural, civil, housing, turnkey construction
  • Loft conversion, thermal insulation of buildings and their reconstructions, roofs and roof structures, plasterboard
  • Carpentry and scaffolding works
  • Systemic DOKA formworks, machine plastering and standard plaster of any kind
  • Maintenance of structures from reinforced concrete, of wet brickwork of complex structures by certified systems
  • Static security of structures, incl. project preparation
  • Repairs and reconstructions of industrial floors
  • Groundworks, laying of structures from reinforced concrete and steel structures
  • Locksmithing works
  • Electrical installations
  • HVAC and utilities
  • Prefabricated family houses and apartment blocks
  • Paintworks, production of furniture, wood work
  • Roads
  • Consulting, repairs and reconstruction of buildings
  • Czech
  • English
  • Russian