High-pressure spraying of dross is an effective tool for the removal of dross from the surface of hot metallic semi-finished product. This is dross removal from the surface of metallic material using a high-pressure water beam, thus, the quality of the final product surface is improved. We’re able to apply high-pressure sprayings on different profiles of rolled materials (square, round or flat) and their size series. We offer the supply of different types of nozzles, incl. the possibility of their inclination.

We are able to design and supply according to the technical demands and specifications of the customer.

We offer the technology of high-pressure dross spraying, incl. turnkey water system.

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This method of surface cleaning is mainly used before and during the hot moulding of steel. Dross is generated during the heating of semi-finished products in a furnace (primary dross) and then during the procedure of moulding under heat (secondary dross). Dross may be removed to avoid their pressing into the basic material during subsequent moulding (rolling, forging), thus avoiding the reduction of mechanical properties and the quality of semi-finished products. The device for the spraying of tube dross is placed behind the walking beam furnace where the heat treatment is performed. After the removal of dross, tubes are then moved through a calibration device.

Rolled material

Round tubes

Ø 168 - 406 mm

Tube material


Tube temperature


Tube length

max. 14 m

Parameters of dross spraying

Working liquid


Flow rate

430 l/min

Operating pressure

220 bar

Number of nozzles


Max. number of spraying cycles

34 ks/hour

Min. number of spraying cycles

5 ks/min

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