Offshore, Subsea

Production of welded sets, incl. machining, surface adjustments and assemblies for offshore or onshore..

This is the manufacturing of equipment and components for the drilling of oil, minerals, natural gas pipelines and production of maritime manipulation equipment. This is equipment installed on ships operating oil platforms, part of an anchoring system conduction for floating oil platforms, winches, part of submarine pipeline system for oil and gas drilling and manipulation frames for submarine technologies.

Products are mainly produced from structural steel of the S355 class with specific conditions for production and control of NDT, according to respective standards.


  • Oil platform parts (ramps, frames, pipes etc.)
  • Welded and machined drilling equipment frames, working at significant depths serving oil and gas drilling with high demand for product quality, size and NDT checks
  • Conveyors serve as pulleys for handling and moving chains into ship underdecks
  • Production of tension and payoff reels in full
  • Frame for tension reel, including equipment
  • Part of the conduction of anchoring systems of floating oil platforms, supervision according to DNV standards
  • Cranes and manipulation equipment

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