METALOCK is a method of repairs of cracked and broken steel-alloyed and alloyed machine parts by the METALOCK cold procedure. This method was developed and patented in England. Our company holds the licence for the Czech and Slovak Republics.


  • Saving costs in case of purchasing new machine parts or the entire machine
  • On site repairs without the need of disassembly
  • Hardness and tightness of joint is comparable to the original material
Our specially trained experts perform repairs over the entire territory of the Czech and Slovak Republics
Principle of the method (more information)
  • Cold connection of cracks or broken parts using steel locks from a special chromium-nickel steel with high strength
  • Insertion and compacting of “Metalocks” crosswise to the crack into prepared holes and grooves and subsequent grinding.
  • For the purpose of securing strength and tightness of joint, “Metalace” screws are inserted longitudinally directly into the crack, while subsequently, they are compacted into a continuously tightening line; in case of large cracks and heavily broken or falling material parts, they are inserted into repaired components by so-called “Masterlocks.
  • However, this method may not be used for cracks where an unsuccessful effort for repair was performed by welding! Such a crack may be repaired by exception if the weld can be amputated.
Metalock Metalace Masterlock
Examples of materials and components (More information)
  • Alloys, casted steel, but also aluminium and bronze from 4 mm wall thickness
  • Stand of rolling benches, motor blocks, housings of turbines, compressors, pumps, switchboard, geared wheels, seats of metal cutting machines, presses etc.

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