Conveyors and handling lines

Production and supply of portal and hanging manipulators, makes the manipulation of materials or products in production procedure easier. These are special manipulators with fully automatized mechanisms.

The manipulation equipment is equipped with its own drive, securing the procedure of load grabbing or a change of its position together with other mechanisms. As a result, all necessary operations may be performed without the presence of operators and in an automatized working process.

We’re able to produce and supply turnkey manipulators, incl. bearing steel structure, travelling route and control system

Technical parameters of the manipulator may be adjusted to the needs and requirements of customers with regard to the environment and type of material to be manipulated.

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The below mentioned executions are placed in rolling mills for aluminium for the relocation of metal plate coils or steel coils using a C – hook. The travel drive for respective manipulators is secured by two electric drives. Manipulators are equipped with telescopes, avoiding vibrations of transported items. Manipulation with loads is performed with accuracy to 1 mm and thanks to tensometric sensors, manipulators are able to control the overload of equipment.


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