Turn-key realization hall system

Turn-key realization hall system of hall systems with steel structure from design, through the construction by the assembly of hall systems, including the execution of associated technologies.

Areas of turnkey hall system execution
  • Manufacturing halls
  • Warehouse halls
  • Agricultural structures
  • Sporting halls
  • Administrative buildings
  • Special structures
  • Produced structures, incl. special technological structures, gangways, platforms, cranes etc.

The offer of turnkey hall systems contains::
  • Preparation of design documentation in all stages, including the architectonic and disposition solution
  • Securing of territorial decision and building permit
  • Steel structure of building, including sheathing
  • Lower building and related utilities
  • Roads, adjustments to ground and parks.
  • All equipment, connected to the supply of heat, electricity, potable and service water with its discharge into wastewater
  • System of fire security, intelligent building control with the monitoring of all processes.
  • Equipment for burden manipulation
  • Engineering activity

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