Turnkey equipment for the crushing of raw materials, slags or construction waste (free of metal reinforcement). Thanks to its robust and resistant structure, the crusher is designed for primary crushing of casted convertor slag. The largest iron pieces are removed from the slag at the previous devices, then it goes through entry gratings and separation screens.

The technical parameters of crushers, size and stiffness of the structure may be adjusted according to the demands of the customer, following the kind of crushed material.

Technical parameters

Maximum size of crusher, incl. platforms

6,7 x 8 x 6,9 m

Total wieght of crusher, incl. platforms

44 t

Number of crushing units (rotors)


Rotor revolutions

700 ot/min

Drive power (electric motor)

200 kW

Amount of crushed raw materials at output

even 120 t/hod

Range of input grain size

50 - 300 mm

Range of output grain size

0 - 63 mm

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