Refractory-building plant

Refractory-building workshop is primarily focused on the maintenance of metallurgical facilities, that include blast furnaces, converters, ladle, tundish, etc.


  • Refractory works – repairs of blast furnaces.
  • Repairs of refractory linings of ladles, tundishes and pig iron receivers.
  • Converter repairs incl. the linings demolition, cleaning of noses and exchanges of tapping parts.
  • Repairs of boilers, heating furnaces, special boiler units incl. the guniting.
  • Checking of refractory linings, consultancy.
  • Excavation works, earthworks, demolishing works by using of impact hammer (carriage unit UDS 211P).
  • Repairs of lift trucks, carriages, load carriages and tractors.

Examples of Refactory – Building Plant

  • Walling of convertors by material like LOVINOBAŇA,REFRATECHNIK, SHINAGAWA.
  • Walling and repair tundish of continuous casting material CONE-PLAST, INTOCAST, LAFARGE, REFRASIL.
  • Walling of stack by material RHI.
  • Reconstruction of working soil in walking beam furnace by material RATH.
  • Masonry work linings mobile mixers of materials NUOVA SIRMA (SAINT GOBAIN), REFRATECHNIK,REFRASIL,VESUVIUS.
  • Masonry work lining furnaces galvanizing baths designed by the firm BERG.
  • Overhaul roller annealing furnace designed by the firm AICHELIN.


  • Single-purpose machine of type ROMAN 02 for demolishing of linings of pig iron receivers.
  • Machine Cat 325 Leonard for cleaning of noses and exchanges of tapping parts.
  • Lift trucks, tractors, machines for asphalt mixture laying, sweeper-flusher etc.
  • Milling device for milling of refractory and concrete runners for blast furnaces.
  • Milling device for destroying of earth, sands etc.

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