The Company Strojírny a stavby Třinec, a.s. is a stock-holding subsidiary company of TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY a.s. The company has a long – term tradition and has been passed by many organizational changes in the market during company’s activity. The company is focused on custom-made engineering production and implementation of repair and maintenance activities at manufacturing facilities TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY in field of mechanical, electric and building works to. Our manufacturing programme is focused on custom-made production of technological units and weldments incl. the CNC machining, structures, smith forgings and metallurgical rolls for hot rolling process in the engineering.
The building industry activity ensures especially industrial and civil building incl. the turnkey projects (complete supplies) and road building incl. the repairs.


The Company consists of production plants:


The Company is a member of:

Národní strojírenský klastr, o.s. (Czech Machinery Cluster)

Svaz podnikatelů ve stavebnictví v ČR (Association of building entrepreneurs of the Czech Republic)

Česká asociace ocelových konstrukcí (Czech Constructional Steelwork Association)