Locksmith plant

NDSC 015
Locksmith workshop is mainly focused on the production and installation of steel structures, cranes and crane runways. Part of the workshop, Vulcanizing workshop, is focused on the renovations and repairs of rubber conveyor belts, production of rubber-coated rollers and rubber moldings by heat.


  • Manufacturing and assembly of structures incl. the steel bridges for České dráhy (Czech Railways) and Slovenské dráhy (Slovak Railways)
  • Overhaul repairs
  • Manufacturing and assembly of cranes and crane runways
  • Renovation and repairs of rubber conveyer belts and moulded rubber goods
  • Customer service of manual lifting mechanisms
  • Validation test of suspension means
  • All type balances repairs and calibrations
  • A part of Locksmith Workshop is a METALOCK Centre (repairs of machine komponent fractures by METALOCK process)



  • Profile forming and plate roll bending (max. thickness 15 mm, max width 3 000 mm)
  • Roll plate bending (max. thickness 10 mm, max. width 3 000 mm)
  • Precise plate cutting up to thickness 200 mm, size 3,1 x 12 m
  • Machining by horizontal milling machine W100
  • Shielded welding MIG/MAG, TIG
  • Cutting of material by saws (size 600 x 500 mm)
  • Steel-grit blasting of structures up to size 3 x 3 x 6 m

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