Electrotechnical plant




Repair of machine and devices
The main program of our activities are repairing all types of engines:

  • Induction motors up to power output 400 kW.
  • High-tension motors up to power output 2,8 MW.
  • Direct–current motors up to power output 5 000 kW.
  • Synchronous motors up to power output 3 000 kW.
  • Generator repairs up to power output 20 MW.
  • Transformer repairs up to power output 1,6 MVA.

Other activities in this part is the repair of transformers up to 1.6 MVA power for reasons of ensuring comprehensive customer service we provide further repair of rotary and static welders, dynamos, starters and alternators, hydraulic brake release, special gearboxes and vibrators. Within the comprehensive services we provide welding shaft by MIG, MAG methods and repair of mechanical engine parts. Rotating part dynamically balance weighing to 3 t and a length of 4 m in diameter up to 1.8 m balancer SCHENK according to CSN 01 1410. The activities of the Centre, we also offer repairs of burden electromagnets, manufacture and repair startup resistors, repair manual el. tools. We provide motor setting into horizontal and vertical plane by laser.

Electrical works, electric instalation

  • Electrical wiring system of buildings.
  • Repairs and overhaul repairs of cranes and suspension devices.
  • Manufacturing of switchboards (low voltage).
  • Lighting installation acc. to customer´s requirements.

We offer installation and maintainance of electric fire alarm systems, installation of remote kontrol of cranes, conductors assembly and repairs and service of lifts too. We provide these services from technical drawings, assembly, auditors´ report to supply delivery. We are able to offer you komplete supplies – turnkey projects too.

Testing and general overhauling

  • Testing and measurement of alternating–current and direct-current motors (low voltage and high voltage) before, during and after repair or overhauling by using of modern diagnostic tools.
  • Testing of oil and air transformers.
  • Measuring of electric strength of liquid dielectric transformer oils.
  • Testing of tachogenerators, setting of centrifugal switches and measuring of dynamometer electric values.
  • Testing of aids and dielectric gloves.
  • Full–scale monitoring of crane operation and units.
  • Logic automat programming of type LOGO, ALFA etc.
  • Setting of current, voltage, power and earth-fault protections and regulators.
  • Primary testing of turbo-generators (after repairs and after stop working).
  • Electric values measuring acc. to customer requirements.
  • Electric cable measurement.
  • Voltage testing of electric cables up to 120 KV (SS).
  • Determining of electric cable lines.
  • Fixing of technical faults by using of surge generator.
  • Vibration measurements on motor (vibro diagnostics bearings)
  • Temperature measurements with a thermal camera


  • Calibration and standardization of measuring instruments in an accredited calibration laboratory No 2241
  • Calibration el. measuring instruments
  • DC voltage up to 1000 V
  • DC current up to 10 A
  • AC voltages up to 1000 V
  • AC current up to 100 A
  • resistance to 100 Mohm

Other services

  • Settling el. machinery and alignment measurement device PRÜFTECHNIK
  • OPTALIGN PLUS to 1/1000 mm

All of these activities provides an experienced team of workers who in the first place puts customer satisfaction and quality of work performed.

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