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  • Erection of buildings for industrial, water management, environmental, agricultural, civil, housing construction, turnkey projects
  • Loft conversion, insulation and renovation of roof and roof construction, drywall
  • Carpentry and scaffoldwork
  • System formwork DOKA, machine plastering and classical rendering of all kinds
  • Rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures, wet masonry of complete buildings by certified systems
  • Static secure of buildings incl. the elaboration of projects
  • Repairs and reconstruction of industrial floors
  • Excavation work, foundation of reinforced concrete and steel structures
  • Locksmith work
  • Electrical installations
  • Air conditioning and engineering networks
  • Assembled family and apartment houses
  • Painting and glazingworks, manufacture of furniture, woodwork
  • Transport routes
  • Consultancy, repairs, reconstruction of buildings
  • Cargo transportation and mechanization