Building plant


Building workshop is profiled as a reliable supplier offering complex services in the field of construction. We participate in the investment projects related to steel production as well as on construction projects such as civil housing construction, repair of roads or laying of bituminous mixtures.
For customers we provide complex services from design to handover of the completed work.


  • Erection of buildings for industrial, water management, environmental, agricultural, civil, housing construction, turnkey projects
  • Loft conversion, insulation and renovation of, roof and roof construction, drywall
  • Carpentry and scaffold work
  • System formwork DOKA, machine plastering and classical rendering of all kinds
  • Rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures, wet masonry of complete buildings by certified systems
  • Static secure of buildings, including the elaboration of projects
  • Repairs and reconstruction of industrial floors
  • Excavation work, foundation of reinforced concrete and steel structures
  • Locksmith work
  • Electrical installations
  • Air conditioning and engineering networks
  • Assembled family and apartment houses
  • Painting and glazing works, manufacture of furniture, woodwork
  • Transport routes
  • Consultancy, repairs, reconstruction of buildings
  • Cargo transportation and mechanization


  • Mixing Plant of type Teltomat (capacity 70 t/hour)
  • Equipment for sheetmetal and locksmith manufacturing
  • Building machines (finishers, road rollers, vibrating plates, cutting machines etc.)
  • Tubular scaffolding, light mounting devices and towers
  • High-pressure water jet
  • Floor cutter and grinder on concrete
  • JCB backhoe loader

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